Students can receive office referrals for great accomplishments during the school day. When a student is displaying self-control, hard work, courage, good attitude, teamwork, citizenship, responsibility, or honesty, they are referred to the office.

1. When a student visits Mrs. Schaefer the conversation begins with "Why did Ms. or Mr. ______send you to the office?" The student and Mrs. Schaefer discuss the accomplishments recognized by the staff member.

2. Students enjoy making one call to a person of their choosing (as long as they are on the parent call list). Students have called parents, aunts, grandparent, family friends.

3. Finally, the student writes his/her name onto a door decoration and puts it onto Mrs. Schaefer's door to display for the month.

Please see the attached draft that is sent home with your child.

Positive Office Referral Information