Motivation Contract to Do My Homework

Name of Contractor: _____________________________________________

Date of Contract: ____________________________________

Goals of Contract:

____ I PROMISE I will focus!

____I PROMISE to complete all of my homework when it is given to me.

____I PROMISE to keep a folder of my completed homework, to turn in to my teacher.

____I PROMISE I will ask questions in class, when I do not understand something.

____I PROMISE to seek assistance for any subject I am having trouble in.

____ I PROMISE I will maintain this contract so that I can create academic goals for college.

*This contract is my word that I will do better in my courses, respect authority and be good to myself. I am smart and will go to any college I desire to be whatever I put my mind too. When I feel unmotivated, I will tell myself that I am doing my work to become a better student and to prove to not only myself, but others that I am capable of being responsible and accountable.*

Signatures: ____________________________________


Date contract was signed: ___________________________