Lincoln Elementary Drop-Off & Pick-Up Traffic Instructions

-Driving Lane- Do not get out of your car while you are in the driving lane on the right side of the parking lot (driving lane is marked). This backs up the traffic and creates confusion for other drivers. When dropping off, please ensure that your child has all their belongings (backpack and lunch box) ready to dismiss as soon as you stop.

-Parking- If you have parked in a parking slot in the back parking lot (there is no drop off in the front parking lot), walk on the crosswalk and drop off or retrieve your student(s) at the designated areas by looking for the signal of the crossing guard. Teachers will not escort students to a parked car and the students won’t be released to cross traffic alone.

-Gates-The gates on the Southside of our building were added to assist us in keeping students safer during the school day and to manage traffic flow after school. Please assist us in waiting to enter until the gates have been unlocked (7:25 am, 2:40-Gate 1, & 2:50 Gate 2) and the individual unlocking the gate has moved out of the way. Pull forward as close to the north end of the lot as possible to allow for more cars in order to help the efficiency of drop-off and pick-up.

-Walkers- Walkers will watch for signals from our crossing guards and then stay on our cemented paths in order to enter at either of the two marked entrances (in blue) as no other doors will be open for drop-off in the morning.

-Safety Is Our Priority– We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our students, including calling law enforcement if necessary.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Map

Severe Weather Dismissal