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Destiny is used primarily for searching our library collection here at OHS! It can be used to see if the book you're looking for is available and where it's located.

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New Arrivals

Book Tittle : Stealing infinity

"My life goes completely sideways the moment I meet the mysterious Braxton. Sure, he's ridiculously hot, but he's also the reason I've been kicked out of school and recruited into Gray Wolf Academy--a remote island school completely off the grid. I never should have trusted a face so perfect. But the reality of why Gray Wolf wanted me is what truly blows my mind. It's a school for time travelers. Tripping, they call it. This place is filled with elaborate costumes and rare artifacts, where every move is strategic and the halls are filled with shadows and secrets. Here, what you see isn't always what it appears. Including Braxton. Because even though there's an energy connecting us together, the more secrets he keeps from me, the more it feels like something is pulling us apart. Something that has to do with this place--and its darker purpose. It's all part of a guarded, elaborate puzzle of history and time--and I might be one of the missing pieces. Now I have all the time in the world. And yet I can't shake the feeling that time is the one thing I'm about to run out of--fast"--Provided by publisher.

Book Tittle : Unclaimed Baggage

"Told from three viewpoints, teens Doris, Nell, and Grant find friendship and the possibility of love while working in Unclaimed Baggage, a store that sells items that went missing during airline travel."-- Destiny

Book Tittle : Three kisses, one midnight : a novel

"Told in interconnected stories, three witchy best friends brew a love potion on Halloween that is said to produce a love that will last forever as long as it is sealed by true love's kiss before the stroke of midnight."--Destiny.

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