Ottawa High School Baseball Team Policies

I. Appearance

A. In School

1. Dress shall be in accordance with school policies.

2. Game day attire will be pants and baseball shirt.

3. No hats will be worn during school hours!!!

4. Hair length will be addressed by coaching staff.

B. On Field

1. Practice

a. Ottawa Baseball hats, gloves, baseball pants, protective cup, socks, and cleats, tennis shoes (for cage) will be worn every day. (Unless special instructions are given for a certain situation.)

b. If practice is indoors, tennis shoes must be worn.

c. Have sleeves with you every day. (You can wear short sleeves when the coaches do.)

d. Hats will be worn correctly (forward) at all times.

e. No jewelry.

2. Games

a. Jersey will be buttoned to the top, and tucked in at all times.

b. You will bring jackets and both short and long sleeve undershirts to all games.

c. Every player is expected not to have any facial hair on game days. Shave!

d. No jewelry.

II. Conduct

A. Off the field

1. You will conduct yourself in a first class manner at school, on road trips, and in the community. You are representing Ottawa Baseball at all times.

2. You are expected to attend every class, every day. Any conduct problems in the classroom will be dealt with. In particular, office referrals, in-school and out of school suspensions.

B. On the Field

1. Hustle. At all times. NO EXCUSES.

2. Never question an umpire's call.

3. Only positive comments to any member of the opposing team.

4. No food in the dugouts.

5. Always leave the dugout clean and together.

6. No throwing equipment.

7. No talking to spectators during the game.

8. If thrown out of game - one game suspension.

C. Practice

1. You are expected to be on the practice field ready to go by 3:35 every day (unless told otherwise). Anyone after this is considered late. NO EXCUSES. When late, dealt with by coaches.

2. You are expected to attend practice every day you attend school. If you will be late to or absent from practice, you must tell you coach as soon as you are aware of the problem.

3. If you need to see the trainer, be sure to do this well ahead of practice. There will be NO EXCUSES if you are late to practice without prior notification.

4. Players who are late to or absent from practice for any reason will serve make-up as prescribed by the coach.

5. Work hard all the time.

III. Travel

A. To Practice

1. You are responsible for getting yourself to practice. Any driving carelessly or recklessly as determined by a coach will result in make-up work.

B. To Games

1. Departure times before each game will be posted. You are expected to ride with the team on the bus unless other arrangements have been made.

2. Conduct on the bus to games will be quiet, with minimal activity. This is a time to get ready for your game mentally, not a time to be messing around.

3. You will be expected to ride the bus to and from the game.

IV. Player Try-Outs

A. Try-outs will be conducted at the start of the season. Players will be rated by the coaching staff on a series of baseball related skills. (NO seniors on junior varsity.)

V. Academics

A. Ottawa High School Baseball considers grades to be of the utmost importance.

If a situation arises that is not covered in these policies, the coaching staff will deal with it appropriately.