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On Tuesday, March 26th, Ottawa High School is hosting a testing day! Kansas State Bank, Ottawa Family Physicians, and others will sponsor a Chris Cakes breakfast for students before testing begins. KOFO will be on-site broadcasting the excitement as students come to school with only one focus: to work hard and try their best on their grade-level assessments or activities! 

9th graders will take the YouScience aptitude assessment for their Individual Plans of Study. 

10th graders will take English and Math state assessments.

11th graders will take a FREE ACT.

12th graders will participate in Adulting 101.

We will begin serving breakfast at 7:10 am and students will begin moving into their assigned locations beginning at 7:45 am. It will be critical for students to check their emails on Monday, so they are aware of their assigned testing location or activity group. 

All students will be dismissed at Noon for the day. Lunch will be served from Noon through 12:30 pm. We ask that students remain in their testing rooms until Noon so we can keep a quiet and focused environment for all students while testing. We have scheduled breaks and will provide snacks. Please note once assessments begin, we will not call into classes to dismiss students early unless there is an emergency. Students are expected to remain in class the entire time. This will help maintain a positive academic environment for all students within the assessment timeframe. 

Please note buses will not arrive until normal dismissal time for those riding. Students will be expected to hang out in the media center commons while waiting on a bus or a ride as teachers will be participating in professional development in the afternoon. 

Students enrolled in NCCC courses and internships are expected to participate in testing day. Please communicate with your professors and job sites. 

These assessments and activities are long and can be exhaustive- the half day allows our students to come prepared to focus and give their all. Parents, we ask that you help your student(s) get to school on time, bring a charged Chromebook, and get a good rest the evening before.

We looking forward to having a great day Tuesday!