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School Board Meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the Board of Education Building, 1404 S. Ash.

Chris Cunningham, Vice President

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Julie Dandreo

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Malydia Payne

Glendy Spigle

MiMi Turner

Harold Wingert, President


To address the Board, please notify the Clerk of the Board before the meeting.
Public Participation

The Board of Education recognizes its responsibility for proper governance and therefore the need to conduct its business in an orderly and efficient manner. The board therefore establishes the following procedures to receive input from the public:

  1. A period of time may be set aside during the board meeting for residents of USD 290 to address the board.

  2. Parents and Taxpayers of USD 290 who wish to address the board through public comment are requested to contact the clerk of the board prior to 12:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting giving name, address, and subject to be addressed or individuals are requested to complete a form provided by the clerk and return the form to the clerk prior to the start of the meeting.  Patrons who cannot contact the clerk prior to noon and intend to complete the form on site prior to the meeting are encouraged to call ahead of time and let the board clerk know of their intention to speak. 

  3. The Board President shall be responsible for recognizing any speaker, maintaining proper order, and adhering to any time limit set.  The president may interrupt or terminate an individual's statement if disruptive, not germane to the business or activities of the board, or in violation of Kansas Statutes regarding meetings or activities of the board.

  4. If necessary and this shall be at the discretion of the board president, a time limit shall be set on the length of the public participation period.  Unless extended by consent of the board, the period of time for all speakers shall not exceed 30 minutes.

  5. Based on the number of speakers, the board president shall set a time limit for individual speakers with no speaker to exceed 5 minutes during the time provided for public participation.  The board president may ask groups with the same special interest to appoint a spokesperson.  At the discretion of the board president, individuals may be recognized while the board conducts its official business.  Written statements sent to the board will be read publicly and will be displayed on BoardDocs under public comment for all to read.  If the in person comments exceed the 30 minute threshold, the written comments will not be read publicly but will be posted on BoardDocs under the public comment section. 

  6. The board president may deny any individual speaking privileges if previous conduct of the individual has indicated that the orderly conduct of a meeting may be threatened by that person’s appearance.  The president has the option to stop the proceedings and poll the board to determine if a speaker may continue.

  7. During an open session, the board shall not hear personal attacks, or rude or defamatory remarks of any kind about any employee or student of the school district or any person connected with the school district.  The board will also not accept public comments containing vulgar or obscene language.  Any individual wishing to make a complaint about school personnel shall submit the complaint in writing to the superintendent.  If the complaint involves the superintendent it shall be submitted to the president of the board. 

For more information, please contact Tracey Moerer, Board Clerk.