USD 290 patrons, 

We have moved the venue of Monday night’s meeting (9/27/21) to the Performing Arts Center at Ottawa High School in an effort to ensure that those who wish to attend have adequate spacing, in keeping with CDC recommendations. The time of the meeting remains at 7:00 pm.  We will continue to stream the event as well for those that wish to view in that way.  

I would like to remind everyone that we are currently still under a board determined mask requirement.  As this is a student center, we ask that all persons attending the meeting wear a mask to gain entry and leave them on throughout the meeting.  Please be aware that those that choose not to will either be denied entry or asked to leave.  We encourage our patrons to attend and ask that they adhere to the policies set forth by the Board of Education and conduct themselves appropriately in the audience.  

I would also like to clarify public comment and its purpose within the confines of school board meetings.  It should be noted that although our meetings are held in a public setting, they do not guarantee public participation.  The public commentary is intended to be a time for the community to address the Board of Education with their opinions or concerns.  Because our meetings are not public hearings, the Board will refrain from replying to, debating, or discussing comments from the public.  Should there be something that the Board feels requires a response they will ask the superintendent to respond in writing or via phone on their behalf after the meeting.

Thank you all for the support that you have provided to our schools, students, and staff.  We will continue to do our best as we strive to keep kids in school and learning during this pandemic. 


Dr. Ryan Cobbs